Recently I have completed work on updating Florida Escapes and Book Travelbuzz.

Florida Escapes

Florida Escapes Update

Florida Escapes has been updated in recent weeks to integrate a site-wide search.

As well as integrating a search facility the following aspects were added:

  • Image-rotator added onto homepage.
  • Users being able to purchase items without logging in.
  • Customers are now able to subscribe to the newsletter when purchasing tickets
  • Customers can also unsubscribe from the newsletter via their profile page.
  • The booking structure has been streamlined to 2 pages.

Book Travelbuzz

Travelbuzz Update

Travelbuzz required that the online purchasing to be removed as they were able to offer better prices over the telephone.

They required a different look to be applied to the site because of no longer offering holidays on-line and wanted to promote the new offers as well, as certain offers at different times of the year.  Travelbuzz required all of their destination guides to be prominent on the site and be accessible from all of their pages.  Many aspects for the offers were moved so that all the details for an offer were accessible from the same page and also related options are not quickly and easily viewed from the offer.