Travelbuzz are an online travel agency and ticket broker specialising in niche markets including Florida, Theme Park Holidays, Disneyland Paris and UK weekend breaks. They are a fully ABTA bonded company. Travelbuzz offer a full range of services including package holidays, flights, accommodation, car hire, attraction tickets and insurance.

The Travelbuzz site allows customers to book holidays from the site whenever they wish to, with all discounts shown to them as they make their order. All customers are also able to make use of optional extras that Travelbuzz can provide such as car hire, extra baggage, tickets and meal options.

I used Drupal 6 for the site as well as a selection of modules such as:

  • CCK
  • ImageAPI with Imagecache
  • Simplenews
  • Secure Pages
  • Views
Site Search

Site Search

The holiday search and order modules are created especially for Travelbuzz and they are used to search the suppliers for Travelbuzz and its customers. Customers will receive a customised email for their order with all the necessary information contained within it.

Homepage Options

Homepage Options

The Travelbuzz homepage will include daily offers for packages, accommodation, flights and selected resorts from the Travelbuzz team.

Travelbuzz plan to expand the destination guides to more destinations worldwide, with a map for many resorts.

Travelbuzz also are planning to launch a blog and a small podcast to assist people in their holiday decisions.

The site was tested against all the modern browsers Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3, Safari 4, Safari 3.2, Google Chrome 2, Opera 9.64, Epiphany 2.26 (Gecko and Webkit), Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 7. The site works in Internet Explorer 6 but the more modern browsers are preferred. It also gracefully degrades without javascript, and will work on text only browsers such as Lynx 2.8.6rel.5 and Links 2.2.

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