Just completed Florida Attraction Passes

Florida Attraction Passes was launched last week.  It makes use of responsive design with a mobile and desktop design.

Florida Attraction Passes Desktop


Florida Attraction Passes Mobile


The site is based upon drupal 7 using the Drupal Commerce module as well as several modules, as well as using some ideas from the commerce kickstart distribution.
The site’s theme is built from omega and omega kickstart which helped the site to get completed within it’s time constraints which otherwise would not have been possible.

The site also allows users to orders without needing to login to an account which could loose some potential customers, but all customers would get an account created for them whose details would be emailed to them. They would only get the account details when they complete their order, so it means that potential customers who leave the site before completing the order are not sent a welcome email, which would cause issues.

The excellent Drupal commerce module allowed multiple tickets to be accessible via the same page so for Magic Your Way Ticket with water park fun & more it allowed the various days available which are 1 to 10 days and adult/children option to be a single ticket which allows customers not needing to use various pages to find the ticket they want. It also allows the content to be altered if there were any differences from adult to children or over the different pages.

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Florida Escapes Updated

Recently I updated the Florida Escapes theme.

Below are several sections that were updated in the new Florida Escapes.

Florida Escapes new homepage

Florida Escapes Ticket Category List

List of Tickets from Florida Escapes

Florida Escapes Ticket Display

List of Car Hire from Florida Escapes

Care Hire from Florida Escapes

Gotoexplore and Attraction Passes were also both updated with a similar theme, but all with their own colour scheme.

Whitley Bay Comedy Cancelled

Unfortunately Whitley Bay Comedy has been cancelled for the foreseeable future because of aspects beyond the control of the owner.

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Attraction Passes launched

Attraction Passes

Attraction Passes

Attraction Passes which is an online site for inexpensive attraction tickets to many worldwide destinations has just been completed.

The main aspects of the site is to allow users to purchase tickets on-line.  They are currently available from USA, Canada and Spain and I have been informed that they plan to add more locations as they grow.

The site was built using Drupal 6 and Ubercart 2 for the e-commerce aspect of the site.

The modules used on the site include:

CCK was used to add custom fields to the product page such as ticket details so that the owner is able to include extra details for the products.  The date module was used so that tickets could be linked to dates, so that the tickets can be searched by availability and it also states when the tickets are valid.

The FAQ module powers the sites faq section, as the owner was impressed by the implementation used on the site.  The fivestar module with votingapi are used to allow visitors to give a review and star rating to the tickets on the site.

The hierarchical select module is used to allow filtering of tickets by locations in a nice and simple manner.  The luceneapi is used to extend the basic features of core drupal search as the owner felt that the Solr like features would be of benefit.  The owner wanted to make use of panels as they had wanted the homepage to have individual sections which panels provides in a effective manner.

Securepages is used so that the payment pages are set as using SSL and so that the customers can trust in the security of the site whilst they are on it.

Views is used on attraction passes to list the tickets, its main usage was for the filtering of tickets available on the site.  It was though also used to create various slide-shows on the homepage.

There were several other modules used on the site including xmlsitemap, wysiwyg, webform, views_slideshow, token, simplenews and pathauto.

There were some specific features that attraction passes wanted that made use of modules, these included:

  • Pricing variants for the same ticket
  • FAQ help centre on a single page
Attraction Passes Item Page

Attraction Passes Item Page

Certain tickets also have adult and children variants with the price updates occurring in real-time.  This is achieved by using the attributes feature in Ubercart and setting the price shown to be based upon the attributes selected.  A small piece of JavaScript was used for the real-time price updates.

Adult and Child Tickets

Adult and Child Tickets

Apart from e-commerce attraction passes has an FAQ section called Help Centre which contains the queries asked the most arranged by categories.  This aspect was simple as it only required certain settings to be used in the FAQ module.



Attraction Passes is also on twitter as attractionpass, have a company Facebook page and also an indenti.ca account as attractionpasses.

They can be contacted also via the site contact form.

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WhitleyBayComedy Online

Recently Whitley Bay Comedy was put online.

It is a relatively simple site with the site focusing on the owner’s comedy shows coming up in 2011 in Whitley Bay.

The owner though wants the site to grow and add more features down the line as they expand, and as the site expands all its new features will be included here.

Whitley Bay Comedy can be found online at whitleybaycomedy.co.uk.

Whitley Bay Comedy

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